Organizational Intelligence

Counterproductive Organizational Behaviour

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  • Choke: Inability to access capability when it is needed.
  • Denial: “The problem doesn’t exist, and anyway it isn’t a problem for us, and anyway we’re already dealing with it.”
  • Guesswork: Acting in the dark
  • Meddle: Tinkering and management interference without real understanding
  • Muddle: Confused and bewildered by many overlapping and conflicting narratives
  • Panic: Taken by surprise, responding in haste
  • Policy-based evidence: Finding data to support or justify an existing decision or state, while ignoring any data that might contradict.
  • Repetition / Oscillation: Repeating the same mistakes without learning.
  • Short-Sighted / Tunnel Vision: Narrow focus on short-term goals, inability to consider broader or longer-term vision.