Ref.: taken from https://wargamingcommunity.wordpress.com/sources-and-methods/

Wargaming is a tool used to investigate what you know and don’t know about a dynamic situation. In its most basic form, a wargame consists of a description of a situation, some number of players, resources the players decide to use or expend, rules regarding how players and resources may interact, and one or more objectives or goals that those resources are used or expended to accomplish, without violating the rules regarding interacting. Players can either compete with each other, cooperate, or a combination of both.

The activity of wargaming involves a number of disciplines, most notably: Operations Research, Operations Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, Computer Modeling and Simulation, Systems Engineering, Military Science, History, Economics and Political science. Recently there has been an increase in demand from other specific social science disiplines including Anthropologists, Sociologists, Law, Governance and Civic Administration, and Psychology.