Attack Vector Threat Modelling

Attack Vector Threat Modelling

Interesting Projects for Threat Modelling

Threat Modelling Tools


The Attack Flow project helps defenders move from tracking adversary behaviors individually to the sequence of techniques adversaries use to achieve their goals. Understanding the context within those sequences, as well as the relationships among them, enables additional defensive capabilities that make defenders much more effective. The project seeks to demonstrate how attack flows can explain defensive posture to executives, aid defenders to understand lessons learned from an incident, and support red-teamers to easily compose realistic adversary emulation scenarios.

Breach and Incident Metadata

VERIS Community Database

the Verizon RISK Team supports and participates in a variety of information-sharing initiatives and research efforts. We continue to drive the publication of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) annually, where we have an unprecedented number of new data-sharing partners, and we are committed to keeping the report publicly available and free to download. We regularly receive inquiries about our dataset, and our ability to share further, but we are limited in what data we can share in raw format due to agreements with our partners and customers.