General Notes


Interesting Articles:

  • SettingWithCopy Warning, the difference between view and copy, ways to fix the issue:

Azure & KQL

Azure Data Explorer

This is a great resource to query sample data online and test some KQL queries. It can be accessed via

Kusto Query Language (KQL) Reference Blogposts

  • Easy post on how to generate visualizations and some summary functions:

Microsoft Jupyter Notebooks

The open API supported by Azure Sentinel allows you to use Jupyter notebooks to query, transform, analyze and visualize Azure Sentinel data. This makes notebooks a powerful addition to Azure Sentinel and is especially well-suited to ad-hoc investigations, hunting or customized workflows.


Conda Cheatsheet

The Anaconda team put together a great summary of commands:

Jupyter Notebooks

Better interactive Tables

Dashboarding and Visualization

To QGRID tables don’t properly display in Voila unless a small patch is applied:

Graph Analytics


Constellation is free open source software for data visualisation & analytics. It is a graph focused visualisation and data analysis application enabling data access, federation and manipulation activities across large and complex datasets.

Constellation is a NetBeans Java application designed to run on MacOSX, Windows or Linux desktops. The software is suited to any network dataset with a rich feature dataset, including social network data, network infrastructure, chemical composition and many more.

  • Link: