Mamba & Anaconda

Mamba is faster than Anaconda for package management and environment handling. It also has improved dependency resolution and can handle large packages more efficiently.

For more information on Mamba installation and usage, refer to the official documentation.

Installing Mamba

# I assume you have chocolatey installed, otherwise download the package.
# See reference link below.
choco install -y mambaforge

# If "mamba" is not callable from the shell, it is a known PATH variable issue.
# Fix with the below (run as Administrator)
# Replace 

$CurrentPathVariable = [Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("Path", "Machine")
$MambaForgeLocation = "C:\tools\mambaforge\condabin"
if ($CurrentPathVariable -notcontains $MambaForgeLocation)
    $CurrentPathVariable += ";" + $MambaForgeLocation
    [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("Path", $CurrentPathVariable, "Machine")
    Write-Host "Path variable updated successfully."
    Write-Warning "Path variable already contains $CurrentPathVariable."

Create a new Mamba/Conda Environment

mamba create -n myenv python=3.10